Millton Vineyards & Winery

New Zealand's First Organic & Biodynamic Wine Estate.

I believe the terroir gives the wine the flavours and character. We do not disguise nor dress up the unique character with outside influences or winemaking manipulations. To myself, therefore, the soil and climate play the major role in our wines. We are merely the caretakers of the fruits of our labours. Our wines give an expression of the natural flavours found in the grapes harvested from our vineyards
— James Millton

The Process

In the winery the process is gentle and precise preferring time to fine the wines rather than technology. Indigenous yeasts and bacteria are used and the fermentation takes place in stainless steel or larger format oak barrels, all housed in a thermally clad building.

Sulphur dioxide is used to allow the wine to travel and age however these levels are kept to a minimum. The properties are certified organic and biodynamic confirmed with the trademarks Bio-Gro and Demeter.



The Vineyards

The Millton Vineyard’s four individual vineyards; Riverpoint, Opou, Te Arai and the Clos de Ste. Anne are located in Manutuke and Matawhero. The unique character of the appellation is its proximity to the influence of the Pacific Ocean together with the geologically youthful sedimentary soils. Cooling sea breezes keep the climate friendly and temperate in high summer.

Traditional viticulture is practiced in all vineyards and all are dry-farmed, with no insecticide, herbicide, systemic fungicide or soluble fertilisers used.



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